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Legends of the Jedi  Added:  (01/21/22)
Legends of the Jedi is a Roleplay-Enforced, PVP, open-world storytelling game set in the Star Wars Universe.
City of Ages  Added:  (12/07/21)
One Man's Magic is Another Man's Technology
Pokemorph MUSH  Added:  (11/18/21)
Anthropomorphic Pokemon in a freeform-RP AU setting heavily inspired by the base games.
Atharia  Added:  (11/14/21)
Atharia is a custom world using FS3 on PennMUSH. It is a Lords and Ladies game that has a variety of things.
Welcome to Hell  Added:  (11/08/21)
Welcome to Hell utilizes an original setting based on the DC Universes of Batman and Hellblazer.
Midgard  Added:  (09/08/21)
Midgard MUD - Deine Welt der nordischen Sagen & Mythen
3k  Added:  (09/06/21)
Three Kingdoms: Fantasy, Science & Chaos
Before the Fall  Added:  (09/05/21)
Before the Fall is a text-based MOO based on the Dragonrides of Pern series.
Legends of Terris  Added:  (08/19/21)
A world of magic, war, and questing. Join the Legends of Terris!
Hidden Dimensions Mush  Added:  (08/17/21)
This is a Supernatural game based on Fate Core RPG. Feature and Original characters are both welcome.
Transformers: Foundling  Added:  (07/17/21)
A mysterious ship, a new threat, a bold new adventure. Welcome aboard the Foundling!
SW: Nerf Herders  Added:  (04/18/21)
In a galaxy far, far away...
Sundering Shadows  Added:  (04/17/21)
An online roleplaying community for lovers of Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder
DREAMCLICKERZ 3D  Added:  (03/23/21)
Get-Paid-To-Play in our sandbox.
BlackMUD  Added:  (03/17/21)
BlackMUD is one of the longest running Multi-User Domains (text-based gaming) on the Internet, since 1993.
Tempora Heroica  Added:  (03/09/21)
Welcome to Tempora Heroica
Bleached InuYasha Galaxy  Added:  (02/27/21)
A hybrid MUD that mixes together the Bleach and InuYasha anime series into one unique intense adventure.
Tales of Seyda Neen  Added:  (02/03/21)
Stand up... there you go. Well, not even last night's storm could wake you.
Elysium RPG  Added:  (01/22/21)
Free-to-play and a level-less player progression are hallmarks of Elysium.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, father away than the one you know...
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