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As a sailor and a manager, sea trade is your job. Create and firmly manage your shipping companies.
Battle Myths  Added:  (04/15/14)
Battles myths is anew text based game, gather resources and reach high levels to obtain the legendary gear.
Burning MUD  Added:  (04/10/14)
Fast-paced hack n' slash fantasy themed competitive MUD. Unlimited group size.
Defender of Dragons  Added:  (04/04/14)
Buy a dragon as a pet that will help you fight and both can level and save!
The World Called Hollow  Added:  (03/26/14)
Hollow is a FREE online, web based Multi-User Dungeon (MUD). With 15 classes and 27 races, Hollow has a wide r
The Isles of Adrasteia  Added:  (03/01/14)
The Isles of Adrasteia is a free, online web based Multi-User-Dungeon (MUD) with a growing player base of role
Wreckless-Life  Added:  (02/25/14)
This text based game guarentee's 99.9% up-time. The game is Free to Play and you will be satisfied with it!
Ryzom City  Added:  (02/21/14)
A free project building a 3D MMORPG in a fantasy/steampunk settings
Second Pass MUSH  Added:  (02/04/14)
A sane Pern MUSH with a fun, cheerful, mature atmosphere and low-key, long-running plots.
Stained Death  Added:  (01/30/14)
Stained by Death is a Pk Base Adventure game.
Night War Paradox  Added:  (01/30/14)
Pure Pk MUD with active staff
Macross: New Horizon  Added:  (01/27/14)
Macross: New Horizon is a roleplay MUSH based on the anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross
Assault: High Tech War  Added:  (01/20/14)
Assault: High Tech War An Intense Player vs Player base building game.
DragonBall: Celestial Knights  Added:  (12/31/13)
Fight to become the strongest warrior in the universe!
Dragonball Z Epic  Added:  (12/18/13)
Fully custom DBZ mud. Fully interactive combat system where you time your attacks and blocks. Based off DBZ FE
Aadaria  Added:  (12/17/13)
This mud is for everyone who enjoys friendly people and good old PKP with some RPG.
Blades of Legends  Added:  (12/01/13)
Blades of Legends is an exciting, free to play Perpetual RPG. Grab your blades and become a legend!
Reality Bytes  Added:  (11/26/13)
Heavily modified Smaug. Remort, many classes and races. Loads of fun!
Act of War  Added:  (11/25/13)
Three kingdoms vie for power in an ongoing war for dominance in the land of Albiane. Come join us! Join WAR!!
Mass Effect: Alpha & Omega  Added:  (11/20/13)
Post ME3 game (with red destroy ending) set around a band of mercenaries on Omega.
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