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Jumpin Jack  Added:  (09/12/14)
Jumpin Jack is 3D Intelligent Mobile Puzzle Game for iOS devices and android devices.
Castle Marrach  Added:  (09/07/14)
A medieval fantasy RPG of cooperative storytelling that centers around the themes of intrigue and mystery.
Waterdeep: City of Splendors  Added:  (08/26/14)
Waterdeep is a Forgotten Realms / Final Fantasy (6 & 7) RoT 1.5b2 mud with extensive work and additions to its
Star Wars: Eternal Conflict  Added:  (08/21/14)
SWEC is a heavily modified RP Encouraged Star Wars Space adventure.
Tyselorrd: Land of the Tyrants  Added:  (08/07/14)
Long ago, mighty warriors and gemmasters controlled the now untamed countryside of the continent of Tyselorrd.
Drag(*)nBall Z: Fighter Edition  Added:  (07/30/14)
A re-creation of Drag(*)nBall Z: Fighter's Edition.
Haven Mists and Shadow  Added:  (07/13/14)
This mud is an asshole's creation. Alert the authorities of such things he is guilty of COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMEN
Hunters Network  Added:  (07/10/14)
The HN is back!!
Dragon's Exodus  Added:  (07/06/14)
The Fruff always rises when Aerick's around.
ParadoX 3.0  Added:  (06/21/14)
PURE PK! This place is a very fast style PK orientated MUD! Test your luck if you dare!
Astaria  Added:  (06/15/14)
9 guilds, 15 races, and a fantasy setting - MUDS around.
Age of Illusion  Added:  (06/09/14)
Wheel of Time themed MUD based on The Shadow Wars codebase.
Shattered Isles  Added:  (06/04/14)
Live in a richly detailed, roleplay enforced, medieval world. Be a merchant, politician, champion & more!
AnsalonMUD  Added:  (05/15/14)
DragonLance. Text-Based. Online RPG. MUD!
Black Conflict  Added:  (05/07/14)
Battle in the black endless void of space and get your friends to join in!
The Land of Karchan  Added:  (05/05/14)
Where one can change into a hero with a single swipe of his sword.
Dragonball Apocalypse  Added:  (05/04/14)
New DBZ mud based off DBS codebase
Aber-Phoenix  Added:  (04/28/14)
Phoenix is a themed medieval/fantasy MUD. We have multiple guilds (classes) and a level progression system.
DragonBall Z Epic  Added:  (04/25/14)
Welcome to Dragonball Z Epic! We hope you enjoy the visit and keep coming back!
AVATAR MUD  Added:  (04/25/14)
A friendly, fantasy hack-n-slash DikuMUD with a *vast* world, that has been constantly improved over 22 years!
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