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Chronicles of The Blade

Chronicles of The Blade is a highly liked Medieval Fantasy themed mud. We are still looking for more players.

Hello all. Chronicles of The Blade is a Med/Fantasy themed MUD. We have recently re-opened and added a few new things which players said they would like to have added in. Such as Double Exp, Enhanced QP gains, Double Damage, and updates to clans and houses. We have tons of areas, all of which are non-stock. We have re-opened about 2 weeks ago and already have a decent pbase, all of them saying they find the Mud very newbie friendly, and much different and more original than a lot of the muds they have played. We like to see people rp, although it isn't enforced. PK is allowed, but restricted. So no players high level players pking low level players. The staff is always willing to help new players out when they need it. A lot of original skills are also added in for each class, as well as a racial skill for each race. New things are added quite frequently, and ideas from players are always welcome. We have a questmaster (as do must muds), and plenty of in-game quests as well, as well as Immortal held events! So if you feel like stopping by and checking the mud out, we will be more than happy to see you! Don't be shy to ask questions, or give suggestions. We are always willing to listen and do what we can for players to make the mud even more fun to play!

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