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Marvel Untold

The Marvel Universe - the way it should be.

Our theme is simple; It's the Marvel Universe. No peanut butter in my chocolate or chocolate in my peanut butter (multiverse). No strange staff character centric version, no year one, no sandboxing. Just the Marvel Universe. Pure and simple.

It all started with that fateful flight of Marvel's first family, the Fantastic Four. Then the tale exploded with countless adventures of thousands of characters. It's here, at Marvel Untold that you can expound upon those adventures. Essentially, writing your own and making those Untold stories come to life.

Our cutoff is Marvel's publication date of 1992. Yet brought to the modern age because no one wants to wear leg warmers and have super massive teased big hair. The story cutoff is right after the Muir Isle Saga and Operation: Galactic Storm. It is the Golden Age of Marvel Comics when life was good and not so convoluted in story that a player cannot keep up with all that happened to the character in issue 367, page 8, panel 2. We also allow for current characters (if IC events have unfolded to allow such).

With that said, character backgrounds are to be bullet-pointed. We do not want lengthy paragraphs. Character traits are necessary, but also brief in nature - Cover the key points and you're good to go. The staff at Marvel Untold want to make your online experience one that focuses on the RP'ability of the character, not the write-up.

Come join us at Marvel Untold. We welcome FCs and OCs alike.

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