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Noir Haven MUCK

Noir Haven is a free-form RP MUCK set in what we like to call the 'Dirty 30's', a 1930's alternate history

Noir Haven MUCK is heavily based on a number of pop culture sources. These include such movies as 'Sin City' and 'Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow' as well as games like 'Bioshock', and more importantly, the 'Crimson Skies' series. The latter's background matching heavily with ours.

In short, the MUCK takes place in an alternate 1930's setting in which the United States has broken apart into various squabbling nation states. This being the direct result of numerous incidents soon after World War 1, such as the failure of Prohibition on a national level, the onset of the Great Depression, and the 1918 Influenza pandemic. All of this, together with certain changes in the rest of the world, making for a distinctly different history than our own.

The MUCK itself is set in the fictional city of New Haven, a bustling metropolis situated near the ocean in what was once the state of Massachusetts, but which is since known together with the other eastern states as the Atlantic Union. Serving as the last bastion of the old US Government, which wields its scepter over the Union from its seat in Washington D.C, and continues to cling to old values such as Prohibition in a desperate bid to retain some of its old power. In New Haven itself however, these values are a sham. Police and local government are continually bought off to ignore the prevalence of speakeasies and the public consumption of alcohol in the slums, and seemingly willingly give up their power to the various criminal factions that operate in the city with near impunity, only the downtown areas held to any standard of law.

Such is life in New Haven... Do you want to live it?

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