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Dragonball Z Epic

Fully custom DBZ mud. Fully interactive combat system where you time your attacks and blocks. Based off DBZ FE

Dragonball Z Epic is a fully custom mud made in byond. It is based off Trentons Dragonball FE mud. Where the combat system isn't automatic. You are fully involved in every attack and block you make against mobs and other players and is uncapped so you can become as powerful as you want. There are currently 4 completed planets Earth, Namek, Arlia and Planet Frieza along with HFIL, King Kais planet and snakeway. Rather then room descriptions there is an on screen map that shows your current location as well as your surroundings. Current races availible are Saiyans, Humans, Halfbreeds, Nameks, Anroids, Bio-Android and Icers. Each with their own unique list of skills and transformations and some skills that are commons through out all races.. The gaining system is based of Power Level. For every mob or player you kill you gain power aslong as you are within the gaining range. We offer a very friendly noobie enviroment where people will help you and show you how to use the fighting system. The mud is pk friendly and new people are unable to be Pk'd till they reach a certain power level and have had time to learn the system. There are changes being added every week. We also have a fully active administration there is always a staff member logged on. The Dragonballs are active every 24 hours and a list of wishes are availible if you find all 7 on earth. We are a growing mud and understand the value of a mud community and how valueable our players are to us. Come stop by create an account and start your adventure today. Gather all 7 Dragonballs and make your wish come true!

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