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SlothMUD… the ultimate in DIKUMUD! The most active, intricate, exciting FREE MUD of its kind. This is a text

100% Original world
Over 23,500 unique richly described rooms
Over 8,400 unique mobs
Over 7,200 unique objects
Completely free to play – text based rpg game – multiplayer free online rpg game
Fast character creation– No approval necessary
A single player base since 1997 with an average of 40+ online encompassing the world
US, Russia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Latvia, Singapore, UK, South Korea, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Lithuania, Italy, Germany, Australia, France, Israel, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Mexico, Taiwan, and Brazil
MCCP support (Mud Client Compression Protocol)
MXP support (Mud Extension Protocol)
MSP support (Mud Sound Protocol)
Astrological event system (complete solar system simulator with 4 other planets)
Unique and well thought out magic system Six layers of Strata- Channeling, Shaping, Summoning, Healing, Enhancement, Necromancy)
Innovative experience system (exp can be gained in a variety of ways– leading, tanking, grouping, blasting, exploring, healing, questing, et al.)
Dedicated Immortal Staff
Continuous Regeneration System
Customizable prompts– over 25,000 possible prompts to choose from
Time spawned mobs creating dynamic world resets
Dynamic World Map– showing real time movement of our players
Mob lairs and caches (creatures hide and protect their treasures)
Socket and rune system, customize and personalize your eq and tailor it to your playstyle
Planting Devaks allows special magical powers throughout the area
Full ANSI colour support
In-game Aliases
In-game Auto Quests
Immortal Run Quests
Unique Quest Points & Shops
Full clan support (clan-only housing, clan-only channels, clan-only boards, et al.)
Global boards and player mail (ship items to fellow players, write letters, post news stories for everyone to see, et al)
Player files and eq saved continuously
Dynamic map of Newbatia and Newbie school (watch yourself move around town, or help yourself find your guilds)
Multi-Classing from 9 diverse classes including a unique and highly coveted Avatar class
Five Continents & Three Islands
Valkyre [VK] (Newbie only Continent)
Thordfalan [BH]
The Island [Is]
Niebelung [SS]
Thule [AH]
Lyme [Ly] (High level only Continent)
Ch’ung Kuo [CK]
Irapuete [CG/Irap]
Over 450 skills and spells
Unique vault and housing system
Dynamic Channels
Newbie Channel
Auction Channel
Gossip Channel
Player c

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