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A unique RPI MUD with a rich world and an unmatched combat system. Classless, leveless and unlimited.

If you are tired of each 'new' MUD being the same as all the others,
Geas is the mud for you. Geas is unique, not a standard mudlib. There are
NO stock areas, no levels, no classes. There are no 'global shouts.'

Geas features a 100% original world with a rich, detailed background.
Races are truly different, in stats and appearances, in their history,
traditions, and the reactions of other people. Geas boasts a fully formed
pantheon of gods, each with their own aspects, powers, and relationships.

In many MUDs, advancement is limited solely to monster killing. Not so
in Geas, which features a realistic learning-by-doing skill system. Players
improve the stats and skills they use - no fighting trolls to improve int.
A player can focus on the fighting skills of a warrior, the sneakiness of
a thief, or the craftsmanship of a master smith. Four kinds of guilds are
available: professional, layman, race, and craft, and a player may join one
of each type - or choose to go it alone.

When it comes to fighting, Geas offers a realistic combat system,
involving much more than just sitting back and watching hits scroll by.
Players take an active part in fighting through a variety of specials.
Armours are layered and crafted to protect specific body parts, while
weapons have different capabilities, depending on weapon and armour type.
Oftentimes in combat, strategy is the difference between life and death.

The world of Geas has been more than three years in the making before
being offered to the general public, and it is anything but static. It is
growing and changing through a staff of active and knowledgable wizards,
with help and ideas gladly accepted from players as well. To learn more,
come in and try it out for yourself. A whole world is waiting for you.

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