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Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Hell utilizes an original setting based on the DC Universes of Batman and Hellblazer.

Gotham City - 2021

It's been just over ten years since a tidal wave cut Gotham City off from the rest of the United States and left the city in ruins. Bruce Wayne's on-going efforts to have 'No Man's Land' rescinded have failed after the assassination of Lex Luthor. Progress has been made in restoring some of what was destroyed. The power grid is operational, but unreliable, rolling blackouts are often used to ease stress. Thanks to the efforts of Wayne Industries, cellular service has been restored within the city, but the towers are often targeted by criminal elements. Smaller buildings destroyed during the disaster have been patched up and made livable and serviceable for small businesses while the larger ones are still a constant reminder of the near post-apocalyptic state of the city. The Iceberg Lounge is the only establishment that still exists unchanged by the event.

In the lawless land, the criminal element has flourished. The lines drawn for territory in the sand by the likes of Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler, The Black Mask and many more shift and change daily and often times the good people left in Gotham City are caught in the crossfire of their ongoing wars. Gangs rule the streets and vie for control over the supplies smuggled in via boat. Travel by air is restricted and a risky venture, many lives have been lost over the years to aircrafts being blown out of the sky.

The ruined landscape of the city and the disorder that comes with having no government or law, has drawn vampires, demons and other evils out in droves to prey on a population that has already hit rock bottom. The city is haunted by the restless dead of those who lost their lives, either in the disaster or in the chaotic years that have followed; or is it something else entirely that has turned Gotham into a hot bead of supernatural activity?

Of the good people who have stayed, many just can't afford to escape and others, the heroes of the story, refuse to leave them behind to fend for themselves. These heroes continue to be the hope for the people of Gotham that, perhaps, they can survive until the day that the efforts of Bruce Wayne pay off and Gotham is once again part of the United States.

Until then, Hell's come to Gotham.

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