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Reviewed Date: 06/14/12
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New Yarsith is a small island off the mainland of Lithmore. Several years have passed since the end of the Great War with Vavard, but wounds can still be felt by many, especially on what many refer to as "this damned island". The Knights still still have a strong presence, the Order works to protect the souls of the inhabitants, the Reeves provide law and order.. and yet the thieves and the mages still continue to plague them all.rnrnThe Burning Post II is an RP-enforced setting catering to players who wish to remain IC in every action they do. This is not a mud for hack-n-slash players, as there are no distinct levels to gain. The goal for everyone is different and entirely dependent upon a character's personality and motivation.rnrnPlayers are able to create a variety of ages and races, although newbies should be warned that racism against certain groups is highly encouraged. Multiple occupations and guilds are available (law, church, knights, bards, scholars, mercenaries, merchants, thieves, and mages). The majority of those in New Yarsith are freemen, although slaves can be bought for those who can afford it, and the occasional noble finds their way to the island, usually unwillingly.rnrnCons:rnrn--the newbie creation area can be confusing to those who are brand new to the MUD and its theme. Those who take the time to invest in their character and reading reap the benefits of such.rnrn--Small world and pbase.rnrn--the economy is a work in progress.rn rnPros:rnrn--the world is entirely original, and the theme, though based off other MUDs, has evolved into something unique as well. Magic and the supernatural, despite being reviled by the Church, has expanded with new spells, the ability to summon demons, and the favor that can be gained by such if done carefully.. or the downfall of the summoner if not.rnrn--The theme allows for a wide variety of characters and IC personalities, and differences are welcomed! The staff asks for you to think about your actions, but as long as you can justify such, there are few limitations imposed. rn rn--Though the pbase is small, those who play are welcoming and encouraging of both veterans and newbies alike.rnrn--Crashes occur rarely. The game is coming out of beta soon thanks to the tireless work of the coder who works every day!rnrnIn summation, if you're a motivated RPer, new or old, looking for a unique theme and setting and not only move with the stories, but bring your own and help them evolve, then give The Burning Post a try!

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