Northern Crossroads

Reviewed By: Itherian
Reviewed Date: 12/28/12
My status in this game is: Both
I have been a member of this game since: 12/28/97
I think this game is: 5 / 5


I have been playing here since 1997. I have been a player and a highrn level immortal on the mud for at least 10 years. The dynamic contentrn here, friends I have made, and overall fun have kept me here yearrn after year. From zones like Batman, Sailor moon, Spiderman,rn Gilgamesh. Equipment ranging from sword, axes, spears to less PGrn items like Vibrators and Dildo's. Epic zones that take hours to dorn and receive great rewards. Great losses from Death traps and enemy'srn that eat your equipment.rn rn This is a great mud That has a active player base and coders that arern available to talk to and share ideas. Come log in and enjoy a worldrn that I and most the players have enjoyed for over a decade.rn

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