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Waterdeep: City of Splendors  Added:  (08/26/14)
Waterdeep is a Forgotten Realms / Final Fantasy (6 & 7) RoT 1.5b2 mud with extensive work and additions to its reviews
Kallindor  Added:  (10/17/14)
Kallindor offers an environment ripe for adventure with over 100 original areas, 18 races, and 20 classes. reviews
Medievia  Added:  (10/21/14)
Do you DARE Enter? reviews
Merentha  Added:  (11/22/14)
Merentha is an old world full of new and exciting adventures. Come Play with Us! reviews
DoomMud  Added:  (11/28/14)
Your Doom Awaits! reviews
Stardust and Lightblades  Added:  (03/27/15)
Enter the world of Goltavia for a free to play, roleplaying experience where fantasy meets steampunk. reviews
Burning  Added:  (04/07/15)
Join an ancient world of epic scale and difficulty spanning across two massive continents! reviews
EmpireMUD  Added:  (04/17/15)
Gather, build, craft, adventure, or RULE on a huge, persistent world map. reviews
Shattered World  Added:  (05/09/15)
This is a huge original mud. Had a lifetimes worth of development. reviews
Daedal Macabre  Added:  (05/23/15)
Daedal Macabre is a pk opt-in, gigantic (10000+ room) mud, with 80+ races, and a huge number of classes. reviews

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