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Ember Online  Added:  (11/28/16)
Ember Online is a GMUD (Graphical MUD with its own client). Ember Online contains heavy pve and pvp combat.
Genesis  Added:  (11/11/16)
Genesis is one of the oldest and best fantasy-roleplaying games of all time.
CoMuX: The 6th Age  Added:  (10/29/16)
CoMux: The 6th age also Realities Combined is a Super Hero Genre based RP combining Marvel and DC.
Serenity MUSH  Added:  (10/24/16)
So here is how it is: Earth got used up...
Astria  Added:  (10/18/16)
Sandbox Fantasy themed online text RPG. The aim is to make the world as open-ended as possible.
Moosehead SLED II  Added:  (10/18/16)
Moosehead SLED
Lament: the Age of Wind and Wolves  Added:  (09/23/16)
Lament is an original dark fantasy setting with light post-apocalyptic themes.
Geas  Added:  (08/16/16)
A unique RPI MUD with a rich world and an unmatched combat system. Classless, leveless and unlimited.
Cosmic Rage  Added:  (08/13/16)
Welcome to Cosmic rage, a world of space, sci-fi and crafting where there is something for everyone!
Online Magic 8 Ball  Added:  (07/21/16)
Ask the Magic 8 Ball yes or no questions to get accurate answers about your future!
Pernworld  Added:  (07/14/16)
Pernworld Mush: Half Moon Bay Weyr OOC Search opens July 16, 2016!
cosmic rage  Added:  (07/05/16)
Welcome to Cosmic rage, an all new, all awesome Space MOO from Nathan Tech.
MTrek  Added:  (06/26/16)
Real-time Multiplayer Space Combat Simulator.
Grimwood MUSH  Added:  (06/05/16)
When the West got Wild
Revenge of the Jedi  Added:  (05/19/16)
The Episode that Never Was
Greed Island MUD  Added:  (05/16/16)
Greed Island MUD is based on anime Hunter x Hunter (Season 4)Greed Island arc. Almost the same rules of anime.
SlothMud  Added:  (05/07/16)
SlothMUD… the ultimate in DIKUMUD! The most active, intricate, exciting FREE MUD of its kind. This is a text
Penny Dreadful  Added:  (05/02/16)
A Changeling: The Lost game set in modern London.
Dark Wizardry  Added:  (04/13/16)
Dark Wizardry is a true multi-class MUD allowing you to level in all 5 main classes!
Armona  Added:  (04/03/16)
If you always want to be busy with equipment runs, crafting, RP, chatting, contests, this is your place!
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