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The Eternal City  Added:  (01/24/16)
The Eternal City™ represents the next generation in text-based virtual reality. Welcome to an ever-growing w
LorenMUD  Added:  (01/19/16)
Loren Mud is a roleplay intensive fantasy adventure.
Velrania  Added:  (01/12/16)
Fantasy MMORPG set in a Lord of the Rings style realm. This is no generic game like you have played before!  Added:  (12/05/15)
What is TheMafiaNetwork? Starting your life as lowly Scum, slowly make your way through to Mafia Legend
Playdoragames  Added:  (12/04/15)
If you are looking to play Dora games online then visit, where you can find latest Dora the e  Added:  (11/20/15)
Movoda is a web-based MMORPG that is currently under development
Dark Risings MUD  Added:  (11/03/15)
Website: Twitter: @Darkrisings1313 Facebook:
Realm of Shadows  Added:  (09/28/15)
Adventure awaits you within the Realm of Shadows. A world full of unique and interesting experiences...
Realm of Utopian Dreams  Added:  (09/23/15)
Medieval fantasy, gods, magic, religious wars. Deep exploration, varied role-play, tons of fun!
Wayfar 1444  Added:  (09/08/15)
Wayfar 1444 is a text based online multiplayer game. You are colonist, sent to the surface of an alien world.
Firox galaxy  Added:  (08/11/15)
Welcome to the galaxy.
Dominia MUD  Added:  (07/25/15)
The original Magic the Gathering MUD, enter a world populated by creatures and players from the world of MTG
DREAMPIECE  Added:  (07/21/15)
DREAMPIECE is a tribute to classic stock ROMs back in the late 90s. Relax and enjoy your time!
Dragonball: The Forsaken Future  Added:  (07/10/15)
The timeline is the future, the Z fighters are struggling to over come the darkness in their universe.
Irdryd  Added:  (06/29/15)
A fantasy adventure based on the Dragaera novels by Stephen Brust.
Hexahedron  Added:  (06/29/15)
we are nerds too
PrimeiroMUD  Added:  (06/28/15)
This is my first MUD game for teste
The 7th Plane  Added:  (06/17/15)
The 7th Plane is a highly customized MUD, with in-depth crafting options, and HUGE adventurous areas!
Lights Out RP  Added:  (06/01/15)
A chilled out environment to enjoy nWoD. Come play with us!
Daedal Macabre  Added:  (05/23/15)
Daedal Macabre is a pk opt-in, gigantic (10000+ room) mud, with 80+ races, and a huge number of classes.
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