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Realm of Utopian Dreams

Medieval fantasy, gods, magic, religious wars. Deep exploration, varied role-play, tons of fun!

Since 1996, the Realm of Utopian Dreams (RUD) has offered a free and unique middle-ages world of fantasy and make-believe in which players can create imaginary characters to participate in challenging adventures, perilous quests and dark-ages politics, and can enjoy making new friendships. RUD is an eclectic mix of role-play and hack-n-slash adventure.

We offer dozens of unique races and classes: 12 mortal races, 12 remort races, 11 original alignment-based races, 16 mortal classes, 16 remort classes, and 18 original alignment-based classes, each with special skills and abilities. Try your hand, for example, at playing a Geomancer, Samurai, Psiblade, Merchant, Ghostwalker, Pyromancer, Espion, or Executioner. We proudly offer a large variety of modes of communication including an expansive note system, and more than thirty channels. We provide automated mapping, an automated quest system and player/noble-run quests, random mud-wide bonuses, random mud-wide remort and pk options, and one of the largest systems of on-line help files around.

For those who would like to build their power and prestige after their time of adventuring, we have 9 levels of Nobility: become a Chevalier, Count, Marquise, Archduke, or Prince. Build and add to your castle, extend your lands and influence, rent rooms to other players, tax citizens, jail criminals, run special quests, host special role-play events, participate in PK with other PK-ers when you wish, buy special soliders, attend court, add to your Noble webpage, and more. Browse the RUD Book of Nobles to check out current noble players.

Please visit our exciting world and give us a try. You can telnet in and start playing right away. You can visit our website or join our Yahoo! Group. Our free Yahoo group offers dozens of player and character photos; databases; great links; and dozens of sample images of RUD races and classes, polls in which you can voice your opinion and preferences, the results of which help to determine the direction of and changes and improvements to the mud. Give Mudmagic's Game of the Month a try! Join us and Explore the Medieval Fantasy!

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