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DBZ Mud with a few tricks

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Celestial Knights is a dragonball mud that has been around for 20 years in one form or another.

In July of 2023 we decided to switch back to the DBX codebase that we last used in 2005. Since then numerous things have changed that make it almost unrecognizable from where we started.


-Player crafting system where you can disassemble old equipment for materials or find new materials scattered in the game world. Allowing you to create powerful gear for you and your friends.

-Remort system that will basically start you over as a newbie, but with some extra bonuses for every time you remort to make life easier.

-The Gauntlet challenge is where you see how long you can last against bosses whose strength increases as you progress. After you finally lose, rewards are given for how far you made it.

-Find and apprentice under various NPCs. Doing tasks to earn favor to learn new skills and mentor buffs.

-Skills have been enhanced to include various status inflictions such as bleed, burn, daze, and armor penetration.

-Explore 4 large overworld planetary maps, afterlife, and space. Fly from a city to the planetary map, to space to easily get where you want to be.

-Event system that runs 24/7 that pits you up against tough NPCs and scenarios based around events of the show/manga.

-Various scripted quests that allow you to find new gear and unlock hidden abilities.

-Many bosses drop gear that the main stats vary around the base value. Beat them multiple times to try to acquire a Legendary Drop.

-Procedurally generated loot/gear system that ensures you never have to just run around naked.

With a dedicated immortal staff more is being added every day. You can find us as always at

Ckmud.com : 8500

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"DBX 2.0" Dee 06/06/24 4

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