Reviewed By: Voxumo
Reviewed Date: 09/21/14
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 10/01/12
I think this game is: 5 / 5

TI: Legacy, The review

I first started playing The Inquisition: Legacy in October 2012, and at first I was unsure, since I had never played a MUD before. Well little did I know I would be playing it almost two years later.

I have found myself drawn into the theme and setting, but most importantly the people. I was worried that when I first started playing, that I would either not be accepted by the community of the game, or be shunned as a newbie, but that was far from the case. Instead I was welcomed with open arms, and those I rped with were understanding of the mistakes I made, and instead of condemning me, they walked me through and made sure I knew what I was doing. And these were just regular old players, who didn\'t have to do all this. The staff are amazing and more helpful than I could have imagined. And instead of just making decisions they attempt to get the players involved and get their opinions before any major decisions are made. Overall this is one of the best communities for a game I have experienced.

However moving onto the actual game itself, there is no shortage of possibilities when creating a character. It\'s not all hack and slash, which I found quite enjoyable, like if I want a suave character who plays the cello like a boss, it is completely doable. I like to think that the only limit for your character is your own rp. And the skills available are quite detailed and expansive in nature. Heck there is even a haggle skill for those who don\'t want to pay full price for an item.

But perhaps the best part of this entire game is the magic system in my opinion. Never before have I seen such a variety of magic. Not just multiple elements, but each element have their own spells, many of which serve to further rp and create new opportunities for rp.

So really, if you want a MUD that has an amazing setting, a warm and welcoming community and detailed game mechanics, The Inquisition: Legacy is your MUD

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