Top Games for June 2024

Votes tallied hourly. Votes last reset: 06/01/24 @ 12:00am.

Rank Name Votes
1 NukeFire

Post apocalyptic, some Lovecraft, some pop culture, permanent tattoos and implants, huge world. Great people!

2 GemStone IV

Join thousands in the rich world of GemStone IV, the oldest and largest persistent massively multiplayer MUD!

3 DragonBall: Infinity

DragonBall: Infinity is the longest run DBS based and one of the longest running DB themed MUDs.

4 Purple Town

Start your career in the most addictive MMO adult game!

5 MUME — Multi-Users in Middle-earth

A free PvP MUD based upon The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Join the epic war between Sauron and the West.

6 Procedural Realms

Casual hack and slash, looting, crafting, and turn-based combat

7 Harshlands

Harshlands is a free, low fantasy, high magic medieval skill-based MUD set on the secluded Hârn Isle

8 The Gathering...

The realm of Tirradyn has been an active and role-play intensive wonder of words.

9 Elysium RPG

Free-to-play and a level-less player progression are hallmarks of Elysium.

10 The Two Towers MUD

A free, text-based multiplayer online RPG set entirely within Tolkien's world of Middle-earth.


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Update for 05/23/24

Fixed a LONG standing bug in the way votes were calculated that impacted all vote calculations, where it was multiplying the number of votes. This didn't mean MUDs were ranked incorrectly, because it happened to everyone, but it did make the vote #s larger than they should be.

Got a report of people not being able to login, and it was a disk space issue. Resolved that issue. Site should be good now. Sorry about that! Thanks to those that emailed.

Update for 11/14/23

I've given up on trying to make the MSSP data on the game listing page responsive with CSS alone, as it looked good for some games and bad for others based on how many MSSP variables are provided. I've switched to a table, which makes the list longer, but no more formatting issues.

Update for 08/01/23

Manually cleared the votes from some games that didn't have their votes cleared.

More importantly, added an index on a field in the DB that was causing SQL slowness, so the site loads much faster now as you may have noticed.

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