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Journey through a land of epic adventure, a realm of hard won victory in a gritty fantasy setting.

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Cosrin is a well established, roleplaying and adventure MUD in a fantasy setting. Friendly and easy enough to get into, but challenging, with simply huge longevity for all players.

Now, for the stat-minded, there over 15000 fully original rooms, with more being coded and tweaked all the time. Over 700 quests, ranging from the elementary, to the truly mind bending. Hundreds upon hundreds of foes to battle against, and a similar number of non combatant "innocents" to add flavour around town. Sixteen different races, and nine character classes provide a wide range of choices when it comes to tailoring your persona, with four large Guilds to join, and sub-guilds too at later levels.

The environment is non PvP, with a strong emphasis on roleplaying, the players ably assisted by the helpful staff to create a truly immersive gameworld. Cosrin is perfect for experienced roleplayers, who will fit right in and find the wealth of material they have to work with is only limited by their imagination.

Cosrin allows connection via telnet or your favourite suitable program, though also offers a custom made client tailored to fit Cosrin's needs if you are new to text-based RPGs.

Aside from the above, I can only suggest that you drop in and visit, you'll find plenty of things to see and do. Come and say hello!

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