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Your fantasies range from jurassic to medieval fantasy to cyberpunk and science fiction? MultiMUD is for you!

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MultiMud is a circle based MUD which offers 17 races to choose from, including a specialized vampire race for experienced players. 7 of the major races each has their own personal hometown they can choose to start in.

We offer a choice of 4 basic classes to start with and once you have achieved level 60 you can choose one of 16 classes for remorting. This allows you new and more powerfull skills and/or spells.

MultiMud is a MUD that has a long history, having first begun back in 1995. The immortals have continued adding to the world over the years. It is a world that offers you a bit of everything from fantasy to sci-fi, to present day, to a Jurrasic period.

MultiMud has over 100 zones making sure you will have a wide variety of areas to explore. This includes a newbie zone that can help teach you the basics of how to play. In many of the zones you will also find quests to solve for your entertainment and for some nice prizes.

The people of MultiMud are friendly and more than happy to answer any questions you might have. There is a newbie channel especially designed for any such questions. The Mud also has an excellent and large selection of help files that you can use to search for answers.

Their are several clans one can join if interested, each with its own main purpose. While the Mud is not pk-oriented we do have a few options for those who are interested in such a challenge. Also there are a number of zones designed to be challenging to leveled players so that you would be wise to group up with others before entering.

Come and take a peek, we would be glad to welcome you.

Find us at:

Host: ( )

Port: 4242


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