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Nodeka "cross-roads to a thousand journeys"

Nodeka is a MUD rpg that consists of

-over 600 skills/spells,

-over 120 different classes/subclasses

-more than 80 races,

-3 different "tiers" or remorts,

-over 100 different areas for different levels/remorts and such.

-nearly unlimited training/enhancing of stats and pools(there's not really a cap).

-an in-game map that's easily readable.

-a crafting system for the "best" gear

-an advanced client specifically designed for the game itself, with a few helpful plugins

-scripting is 100% game-legal, though you do have to watch out for "botting" checks

-events, such as trial quests, and invasions, that can benefit you greatly.

-most of the players are willing to help out newbies.

-404 different quests, ranging from killing certain mobs, morality quests, answering riddles.

-a helpful tutorial for starters.

the game itself is relatively balanced between pvp and pvm, some class are better than other at pvp, some are better for pvm.

the growth of characters is fairly fast at low levels and at some point it gets slow again, and then fast again once you get "BIG" characters.

lots of skills and spells max out at 605%, though you have to buy practices at some point with platinum(in game gold).

pools max out at 50,000 until you can augments xD

and stats max at 300 until augments as well

one of the best features about this game is the fact that you can script anytime i think, its nice to be able to let the computer run for you, and you can still chat and everything else without having to lose running speed or get carpel tunnel from typing over and over again.

well anyways its a great game and you guys should give it a try!

if you decide to you can go ahead and shoot me a tell if you see me online

my user is wendle or penance

and me or any of the mentors or other players can help you with whatever it is you need ^.^

** new update, all areas drop salvages for making top notch crafting equipment

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"Amazing Mud!" Gabrielsyn 10/14/14 5

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