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Daedal Macabre is a pk opt-in, gigantic (10000+ room) mud, with 80+ races, and a huge number of classes.

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Daedal Macabre is an old DIKU/ROM 2.4 Mud, that has recently been revived.

Is Customization your thing? We have that in spades. Custom forged gear, Customized say messages, customized spell names, customized spell damage types. Quest enough, you can customize your race. Get enough gold, you can customize your items.

We have pets. Not just little bunnies, we have wolves, golems, snakes, tons of others. They aren't cute, cuddly things, they are brutal, devastating additions to your arsenal that help you level, can protect you, knock down your enemies, and speed kill times.

In our 80+ races, some of which are secret, some remorts, we have DRAGONS.

Not just pick and play dragons, we have Dragons that you begin playing as a Hatchling, and mature them all the way into Great Wyrms, in one of 15 different, unique colors. Rainbows or Rust, Golden, Silver, Brass, or even Bronze. Red, White, Black or Blue. You have to unlock them, but they are -fun- and -challenging-.

Our HUGE world is handcrafted. We have -tons- of areas, good gear, and lots of stuff to do in those areas, from killing mobs, to solving quests, to digging up buried treasure, or fishing.

We have remorts, reclasses, an NPC questing system, fishing, and rewards for both.

We have a friendly, open ended playerbase who are building up, slowly but sure, and we have declassified much of our hidden numbers, helping to make the game even more accessible.

Highly competitive PK, great clans, and a truly passionate group of dedicated PVP players. Come and join us.

Trust me. I've been around, there's none better than DM. We're fun, immersive, friendly, and most importantly, FUN.

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