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The blood curse that ravaged Rhia for a generation has finally been purged from the world and a new era has been ushered in. Many of the old orders have fallen to the violence and rot that gripped the realms but have left rich histories to be studied and powerful artifacts to be rediscovered. However, the city of Arinock has survived the trials of time and acts testament of defiance against the evils that still plague the world and only grows stronger with the dawn of each day.

The veteran denizens of Rhia know that the quiet that has followed is the hallmark of the same as it always has been: another coming storm. Will it bring the re-emergence of rogue vampires, or is it the herald of a new brood, whispered about though the ages? Do the strange angelic beings that so quickly appeared and then vanished lurk behind the darkening clouds, waiting to return? Where will you stand with the rising of the dark? What will you find in the shadows that begin to blot out the day?

Dark Risings has been in operation since 1998, centering on a multitude of dark fantasy themes through the years. It boasts a large world, approaching almost 10,000 rooms with a multitude of unique areas and encounters to test the might and magic of the citizens of the realms. New players enter into a full academy to help them learn their new surroundings. In addition to the academy, the MUD offers one of the most complete help file systems and a friendly staff with decades of combined experience to help answer almost any question you may have.

Players can choose between fourteen classes, each with a variety of strengths and thirteen standard races, each with a chance to carry a powerful were gene. Additional special classes are available through exceptional roleplay. Four primary guilds inhabit the realm, each with rich histories, rituals and headquarters while a player run clan system is in place to encourage anyone to carve out their own place in the world.

We also offer fully customizable player housing options, in game and staff run quests as well as full staff support for any players that want to bring their roleplay ideas to life.

At the current time player input is not only welcome, but encouraged as we are working to revamp many of our coded systems. Dozens of changes have been made in the last year to improve many aspects of the game, and dozens more are being planned and discussed on our idea forums, including a full revamp of our PvP sy

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