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A unique RPI MUD with a rich world and an unmatched combat system. Class-less, level-less and sophisticated.

If you are tired of MUDs that feel all too familiar, Geas might be the mud for you. Geas is unique, with no stock areas, no levels, no classes. There are no 'global' shouts, rehashed classes or template-y areas, skills or spells. As an example, most of the spells of the game were designed directly by players through an in-game research system.

Geas features a 100% original world with a rich, detailed background. Races are truly different, in stats and appearances, in their history, traditions, and the reactions of other people. Geas boasts a fully formed pantheon of gods, each with their own aspects, powers, and relationships, some of them with active clergies which players can join.

In Geas your character improves through an open-ended learning-by-doing skill system. Players improve the skills they use - which in turn increase their associated stats. Want to develop quick fingers? Steal from others, or become a musician! Either way, your dexterity will improve.

Players can develop their skills in combat, sleight-of-hand, magical and clerical abilities, the aptitudes of a craftsman, general survival skills or any combination of the above and others without being bound to 'classes'.

Four kinds of guilds are available: professional, layman, racial, and craft, and a player may join one of each type - or choose to remain guildless and free of political bounds.

When it comes to fighting, Geas offers a realistic and descriptive combat system, involving much more than just sitting back and watching numbers scroll by. In fact there are no numbers at all! Players take an active part in fighting through a variety of specials that they learn by trying or observing others in action.

Different weapons have different sets of specials and properties, including the ability to fight or shoot from backrow with pole weapons, missile weapons and spells. Armours are layered and crafted to protect specific body parts with complex pairings of strengths and weakness between weapon and armor types. Oftentimes in combat, strategy is the difference between life and death.

The world of Geas has been steadily growing and changing for over 25 years through a staff of active and knowledgable wizards, with heavy design involvement from the playerbase.

Geas is recognized as being unique among MUDs, due to its narrative depth, its unique setting and its pseudo-realistic descriptive world and player activities. Try it out!

Game Reviews

Review Title Author Name Submitted On Game Ranking
"My first and now only MUD" Tezzy 07/08/24 5
"I have always been here." poDelia 07/11/24 5

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