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A unique DBZ roleplaying-heavy MUD with tons to explore and do, created by Iovan in 2009 & still going strong!

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* Leveling system 1-100 with the ability to advance one's vitals (Powerlevel, Ki, Stamina) beyond 100.

* Stats covering Strength, Agility, Speed, Constitution, Intelligence, and Wisdom which can be trained and raised with stat bonuses on equipment.

* Sensei system at character creation determining your starting planet and skills available to learn and practice, with other trainers around the game that can teach additional skills.

* 16 total races with 8 standard Sensei and 6 race-exclusive Sensei, along with a negative/positive traits system allowing for a wide variety of character options.

* RPP (roleplaying points) system that emphasizes roleplay first, opening access to certain races, equipment, and offering character boosts as a supplement/alternative to grinding.

* Playable Races from the Start: Human, Half-Saiyan, Icer (Frieza race), Konatsu, Namekian, Mutant (customizable aliens), Arlian, Kanassan, Demon, Kai, T(r)uffle, Android.

* Playable Races with RPP: Majin, Bio-Android, Saiyan, Hoshijin (homebrew alien race).

* Tons of rooms available with fully explorable space, 6 major planets, 4 backwater planets, and multiple other locations to discover. Also an Afterlife with Hell, Snake Way, and more.

* Dynamic combat with a combo system for unarmed combat, flashy tiered ki attacks, and a variety of weapon types available.

* PvP and PK possible with PK requiring suitable RP.

* Yearly(ish) character wipes and timeline resets ("eras") to keep things fresh, with no two eras ever being quite alike.

* Personal housing and purchasable space ships available.

* NPC loot drops with a wide variety of equipment options with the ability to restring equipment for your own custom look.

* Basic crafting with Cooking/Build.

* Ability to kill NPCs off and take over planets through RP.

* No permadeath and loot loss on death can be mitigated through worn backpacks or other containers.

* Active immortal staff with regular friendly veterans willing to help out.

* Grouping/Party system with sensei leadership bonuses and no level restrictions between members.

* Dragonballs that spawn in-game throughout the game world with an interactive wish system upon summoning Shenron.

* Minimal Dragonball Super elements currently in-game, some GT elements

* An active coder working on expanding the game's potential!

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