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The story of Elysium begins with the tale of a very pervy girl, Hikaru Shidou. As you might know, Hikaru went on an adventure early in Her life. She wound up obtaining the powers of a Goddess. Leaving the world She gained that power on to it's own inhabitants, she decided to create Her own world. She decided to name this world "Elysium". She did not name it after any particular thing. She just thought that it sounded good.

Hikaru, as mentioned before, is a very pervy girl. She had always felt that the "Age Laws" were unfair. So, on Her world, those "Laws" are lowered considerably. Instead of "Age Laws", Her world has "Consent Readiness Laws". Those "Laws" state that if you feel the desire, physical and otherwise, to do something then you should be allowed to do it.

These "Laws" also clarify between "good desires", and "bad desires". Quite simply put, you are not allowed to do "bad things". If you want to kill someone, that is NOT allowed. And will likely see you carted off to jail. And executed. If you want to attend a dance club orgy where you can get fucked silly, fuck someone else silly, or both then you are allowed to do so. Provided you feel the desire, physical or otherwise, to do so. Regardless of whatever your age actually is. If you feel "ready", then you are ready. And should be allowed to do it. Age doesn't matter.

Hikaru was aided in Her effort by The Dark Goddess Liananna. The Dark Goddess of Night, Darkness, and Shadows. Afterall, Hikaru was pretty new to world building. And Liananna had been doing so for quite awhile. Hikaru, in Her thanks for Liananna's help, decided to make Liananna an equal ruler of the world They created. So, the two Goddesses now rule the world as Sisters.

The people of this world do not age, unless they want to. And they can revert themselves if they've aged themselves too far. Also their bodies are in perfect health. There is nothing wrong with their bodies. And they never need fear disease. Injuries heal up at a fast rate too.

Because no one ages, or dies from disease, Liananna expanded their new world by use of dimensional folding to produce infinite space. Now there is a place for all those trillions of people to be at happily. Everyone on the world has their own personal fold space. And all the villages, towns, cities, etc., and etc. are in fold space. This leaves the surface of the world pure, natural, and

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