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Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master - RPG in a High Fantasy Setting. Multiclass, Remort, and More!

Are you sick and tired of complicated MUDs that take a hours to create a character and learn the basics? Look no further!

Elite Legends is inspired by the Swedish MUD EliteMUD circa 1990's. Derived from the tbaMUD codebase, we have all of the CircleMUD features you are accustomed to, along with new zones, classes, races and skills to keep you coming back for more!

Address: eliteusa.ddns.net Port: 4000

Easy as 1-2-3!

Create a Character with our Quick and Easy Menu System

Walk Through a Few Rooms to Quickly Understand the Basics

Head to Kobold Keep and Start Your Adventure!

• Easy to Learn: Great for new Mudders, and tons to do for seasoned veterans

• No-Nonsense: Leave play wherever you want! No Eq Renting, Camping to Quit, etc.

• Less Downtime: Mana/Healing Potions readily available in town and fast tic rate

• Tons of Quests to Keep You Motivated

• World: Good size, but not TOO big to be overwhelmed

• Hack N Slash: Quest, Kill, Level Up, Remort!

• Helpful Maps to Get Your Bearings

• New Classes with Unique Game Play

Bard: Play musical instruments to aid you and your teammates in battle

Enchanter: Enchant weapons with Procs: Heal, Flame, Ice, and more!

Necromancer: Summon the Undead to do your bidding

Assasin, Deathknight, Wizard, Templar, Druid and More!

• Solo All You Want: Every class is a viable solo class

• Replayability and Multiclass

After 100 Player Levels, Reclass to a Dual then Tri Remort Class

15 total classes (4 Starting "Base" classes, and 11 Remort classes)

• Remort-Only Races, including Angel, Djinn and More

• Unique Quest-Only Items

• PK Specific-Zone: PK only in PK Zone - For glory only, no item/exp loss

• No-Kill Deathtraps: Take damage then get sent back to Hometown - No exp loss

• Clan System Fully Functional: With enough players, we'll start them up!

• Roleplay Optional: If you like RP, go for it!

• Daily Player File Backups• Programmer/Builder on hand to fix bugs and create content!

With loads of levels, tons of fun areas, and replay-ability galore, what are you waiting for? Be one of the first to join Elite Legends today and let me know what you think - here or at Elite Legends . My IMM name is Momar and I'm on daily.

This is my first MUD, so there's bound to be little gotchas/bugs here and there, so please bear with me lol. Thanks!


Game Reviews

Review Title Author Name Submitted On Game Ranking
"Wonderful Mud!" Mortis 03/20/24 5
"Fantastic!" Skaar 03/21/24 5

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