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An awesome medieval style MUD, with multi classing, optional pk, clans, remorting, and tons of awesome stuff.

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Dark Wizardry is a true multi-class MUD allowing you to level in all 5 main classes (Warrior, Thief, Mage, Psionic and Cleric) at the same time, while specializing up to four times throughout your adventures in extra-classes such as a backstabbing Assassin, undead-conjuring Necromancers, peaceful earth-loving Druids, or many others!

You can explore our enormous world of over 100 custom areas, with almost no stock zones, completing countless quests and collecting artifacts and equipment from the furthest corners, and you can remort as one of 45 races, allowing you to unlock even more character levels, areas and equipment.

Some other features include: Random fun-programs, which can multiply the experience you gain, or the damage you deal.

Holiday events including special X-mas zones, easter bunnies, etc.

5 main classes and 10 extra-classes, with a max level of 230.

There are currently remort races to select from up to remort 15, and more will likely be added, but each time you remort you unlock more races, special skills, spells, areas, equipment, and more for long term playability.

We have loads of quests, both automatically generated and built into many of our custom-made zones.

All equipment saves to the character and many "owned" items stay even after death.

Build your own clan into the game, attract members and wage war. (Though admittedly nowadays we're pretty peaceful, heh)

If you want an easy going place to MUD however you like, with responsive coders and friendly players, this is a great place for you! We don't have psycho trigger happy admin like a lot of other muds do.

We welcome you to our world, which was richly coded from scratch. It has superb multi-classing system, and we are open to everything. Everyone is welcome.

We also have Discord integration, so you can chat with your mates off on Discord, and they can chat into the game to you!

We also have an incredibly nice custom graphical client, which can be found here.


Ask us anything! You can hop on and ask for help on gossip by typing 'goss hello!'


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"Fallen in love with MUDs " Malleus 06/18/24 5

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