Elysium RPG

Reviewed By: Regnier
Reviewed Date: 01/22/21
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/22/21
I think this game is: 4 / 5


I've been around mudding for long time now, Elysium was the first mud i ever played in my teenager year. I've been and gone over the years but its the one mud i always return back too.

The lore and customisation of your characters are second to none. You really are only limited by your imagination, It is also one of the few muds that are continually updated. almost on a daily basis

be warned its not a "hack n slash " mud . its a mud that truly takes time to get into. there really isn't a quick rise to power unless you start getting invested into the game. But once invested is very rewarding.

The potential of the game is amazing, but unfortunately it suffers from an all too common player drain. But the game does sit around 10 - 20 active players. which is actually alright considering.

The community is welcoming and will bend over backwards to include and mentor newer players.

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