Advent of the Mists

Reviewed By: Matrusal
Reviewed Date: 06/17/21
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 06/17/21
I think this game is: 5 / 5

A decent mud

This review will be anonymous. I joined Advent of the Mists some time ago and was a fairly active member of the community for a while, and while the game as a whole was enjoyable and the role play was very immersive, the game has some glaring issues that should be addressed.


Welcoming and friendly player base that always seems willing to invite new players into scenes.

Diverse builds thanks to their classless system.

No grinding.

Easy to navigate maps where I rarely got lost.

The ability to restring items.


Staff are not incredibly friendly

The plot revolves around 3-4 characters, everyone else is a side character

Very little plot movement.

Very little mechanical content.

Overabundance of ERP leading to at times low levels of public rp

Lack of an RPA system.

Occasional favoritism.

Concerning level of details on the genitals of certain races

Final thoughts:

Overall I think Advent is a very good game and has a solid foundation that shows a lot of promise, and could potentially be one of the best MUDS out there with a bit more work. I'm aware that Advent is listed as Alpha, and that impacted how I rated the review of this game. In general, I would recommend that players at the very least give this game a look!

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