Legends of the Jedi

Reviewed By: Klor
Reviewed Date: 01/21/22
My status in this game is: Admin
I have been a member of this game since: 01/12/02
I think this game is: 5 / 5

Action-packed and fun!

First off let me start by apologizing for the "s" and "u" reviews. One of our players wrote a review and it didn't go through, so they tried again with just default options and the letter s. We did tease him a little about that being our first review! :)

Legends of the Jedi is a community that for over 20 years has been building friendships all across the globe. I've been part of this community on and off since the early 2000s and have been a member of staff for going on the past 3 years. It receives multiple updates a week and is constantly having new features added.

The game itself is centered around Timelines. Each timeline is broken up into 3 eras that last between 6-8 months. At the end of the third era, we wipe the mud, change things up, alter the story arch, and start all over again. One timeline may be centered around the Old Republic era, another timeline might be focused around the High Republic, the next could follow loosely with movie canon. Staff gives players the original idea for an era and they play it out as they see fit. Then we figure out the next era based on what is currently happening in the first one. This keeps the game feeling fresh and new.

We also have permadeath for kills, both from npcs and pcs. A playerkill, or perm as we call them, requires a player to have sufficient reason to kill another however. This helps your actions have a real and significant impact.

One of the other neat features about LOTJ is the space system. It uses a 3d grid outline and each player is able to control up to 3 capital ships in a battlegroup and a set of squadron ships leading to some pretty epic space battles.

If that isn't your speed, we also have Engineering. Almost every good from comlinks to armor to weapons to ships are built and designed by players.

To summarize; if you're looking for a MUD that can sometimes be fast-paced, or just a creative outlet that takes place in a Star Wars Universe, Legends of the Jedi might be worth checking out. We have between 50 and 65 players logged in almost every night and there's always something going on!

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