Legends of the Jedi

Reviewed By: Kasgrim
Reviewed Date: 01/22/22
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/02/22
I think this game is: 5 / 5

Recently Starting Playing

I recently started playing LOTJ for the first time after a couple decades long break from MUDs in general. Finding the old Star Wars MUD I used to frequent dead from inactivity and the nostalgia along with it, I decided to give this game a go. It's been a great experience so far and its surprisingly active! Many of the players and the staff seem eager to help when they can, encouraging new players like myself to ask questions and get past any initial blocks that may potentially creep up and discourage someone. The majority of the active players have been playing for quite a long time and for a newbie, that can be quite daunting to jump into. That said, I've yet to meet anyone who hasn't encouraged or contributed positively to my experience in some way, both in and out of character.

It's a big game with a lot of unique systems, so while knowing how to navigate a MUD is definitely useful, there is a lot to sink your teeth into and for me that is very cool. I really enjoy the way that the race and class system interacts, and feel it enables for some interesting combinations that I'm constantly discovering, both through my own exploration and hearing others talk about on OOC and the discord server. The other part of the game that has me the most excited (and that I'm yet to experience) is the era system. I find MUDs and games in general tend to grow stale after retaining a playerbase for an extremely long time, so seeing what is effectively a wipe and a change of pace/story looks like it keeps things fresh. I'm looking forward to experiencing it for my first time!

While I haven't been around for very long, I can say that I've felt welcome and encouraged. I'm not the only newbie either, as I've been learning there have been a bunch of people like me coming into the game and asking questions. Sometimes its hard to ask a question when you don't know what that question is to begin with, so seeing that is both reassuring and useful. I highly recommend giving it a go and forming your own opinion!

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