Multiverse: Relevations (MultiRev)

Reviewed By: Lia
Reviewed Date: 11/17/22
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/01/70
I think this game is: 5 / 5

We Got Cookies!!

I'm currently coming up on my first year in MR, and this is from a person who was very adamant that I wasn't going to play a lot when I first started. I was just going to check it out. I'm still here.

Not only did I fall in love with MR, but I absolutely love the community. From the theme, the plots, the overarching plots, and just the slice of life daily things, we have a lot of fun in MR. There's a plethora of RP if you choose to look for it, Easter Eggs abound for you to find, and as of right now, most of the planets are still undiscovered, which leaves a huge sense of discovery. (You've even got that with planets that have been discovered already because aforementioned Easter Eggs.) If you're interested in Player Plot this is definitely give this place a try.

The game lore, the NPCs, the VPs (Veteran Players, who are characters that add spice to the game.), and the actual players get out there and push plot to make things happen. We even have gossips who sit around and drop pieces and tidbits of information about things going on if you choose to listen in. You're never just told something is happening, you actually have to get out and start tugging at threads to see what unfolds for your PC and the rest of the player base.

MR is fantastic in that you're not limited to one thing. Its futuristic, but you have timelines, other universes, and your character really has unlimited possibilities in what you want them to me.

If you're not sure about it and want a sort of teaser, there is a Discord for the game. We're a bit noisy, but we're friendly! A lot of mischief and shenanigans abound.

I'd highly recommend using Merciful to play the game. That link is easily found on the website, and it's a simple browser extension via Chrome.

Come on in and join us! We have cookies!! They're even council cookies ... but it's not the Dark Side! At least, not this council anyway. I can't vouch for any other council in the verse.

See you in the Multiverse!

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