Elysium RPG

Reviewed By: Private
Reviewed Date: 09/24/23
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/01/70
I think this game is: 4 / 5

My experience of Elysium

This mud has 9 cities, 6 religious orders and 16 guilds.

That means it has positions for

9 Emperors

6 Order Leaders

6 Gods

16 Guildmasters

The game has 37 big job openings.

If you include minsters for each emperor it has probably 80 jobs.

95% of these jobs are mostly assigned to inactive players & the active players are left indefinately with no prospects and nothing to do except idling. The game has developed to focus on coding to punish idling.

Basically the description of the game promises these things but you could login 8 hours per day for a year & still be just sat there with an inactive guildmaster, inactive god & inactive city leader.

I gave a few years of my life to this game. And I can tell you there is no way to get any of these positions through gameplay. The mud is purely social. You rise in position by making real life friendships outside the game. You have to do this to prove you are not an alt.

The game is designed so your character becomes stronger based on how long you are logged in. The gaming experience is that you spend years logged in monitoring your computer screen for large portions of the day only to find after giving your entire life to this game, neglecting your family etc.....that the people who run the game prefer to have inactive players in those 37 positions rather than those who loyally have logged in for many years. There is no awareness or respect for the fact that people have devoted their lives to this game. They ruined their school & college, then they neglect their families. And still they cant be guildmaster or run a city or roleplay a god. Because those positions are for the inactive players to keep.

The game has so many features but its all blocked because the active players are not given roles.

I would come back but I already put in several years. I was playing one of the 37 roles and there were only 15 active players. I was removed from my role because one of the other players wanted it. I was effectively retired with nothing to do. It took me 3 years to get that position in the game. I logged in daily for 3 years. Thats a lot of life to give to a game & just get deposed because someone has an Out Of Character friendship.

For my role, I spent about a month writing coding so I could do large amounts of work on that job. That months worth of coding was a complete waste of time because one admin who wanted to give the job to another admin who was their friend. The game outcome is 100% determined by admins.

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