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Reviewed By: Tirradyn Realm
Reviewed Date: 11/26/23
My status in this game is: Both
I have been a member of this game since: 01/01/70
I think this game is: 5 / 5

Nearly 20 years!

We have a unique Divine Armory, that allows folks who role-play often (role-play tokens, even if you do not participate in global events, or other events ((We have at least one a week)) as long as you are active that day, will get one) and they can be exchanged for the DA tokens, which then can be used to purchase beyond the best and exclusive stat’ed items, and more. Want your own shop? How about a ship or a keep?

Enjoy questing? You’ll love it here! So many relic items to gain, weapons and flags for them, as well as special pets that can be leveled. A critter or your own NPC, that you can play, just like the pets, the player can instruct them to role-play as well.

Players are encouraged to run their own campaigns/events/globals as well, and have access to a DM feature for such times.

We have a mixture of old and new Immortals/Staff. The majority are extremely active and constantly working to improve the Realm and role-play, including globals, for all players. If one joined today, they could easily get involved in an on-going event, just let someone know you wish to participate. If not, we typically leave players alone to do as they wish, meaning absolutely no pressure. Some folks just like to escape into their own little home (or big one, we have a variety!) or play a noble in an Empire, even a King or Queen, Empress, and so many other titles, with enough role-play and IC (sometimes OOC, may want to build it?) work done, most anything is within reach and can increase the amount of available role-play for many.

This place is enjoyed by many screen-readers and code has been implemented for this with them in mind. Beyond welcome to visit and decide if this is a good fit!

Speaking of code, we have a unique coding system, (originally based on Dawn, but extremely modified) because we are fortunate enough to have a mastermind coder who has brought unequaled and astonishing prospects for both role-play and combat. Regarding combat, Tirradyn also has a fantastic system allowing for dice to be used, very similar to tabletop, with stats taken into consideration often.

Seven base classes, with 13 subclasses available to any class along with class specific options that give over 100 different class combinations! Currently have 72 races, though that evolves often.

TGMUD.NET 9010 – Come by and see if this might be the spot for your creativity! Thank you for reading. :)

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