Sundering Shadows

Reviewed By: MelonBunny
Reviewed Date: 12/19/23
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/01/70
I think this game is: 3 / 5

Some good standards, but

Sundering Shadow has its merits, particularly in its well-structured PvP rules and the vast, historically rich world it offers. The community, comprised largely of experienced players, tends to approach conflict with a mature mindset, emphasizing enjoyable player interactions. The game's lore and setting, with numerous races and locations, add depth to the role-playing experience.

However, the downside becomes apparent when considering the game's favoritism towards staff members. The recent revelation that the game is designed primarily for staffers creates an imbalance. Staffers enjoy exclusive rewards like powerful templates and special items, while regular players often struggle to receive responses to their inquiries. The communication gap between players and avatars, who act as the world's DMs, contributes to a sense of disconnect.

One significant issue revolves around the restricted access to lore. Players are discouraged from utilizing helpfiles or the wiki, limiting their understanding of the game world. This restriction becomes particularly problematic for new characters, making it challenging for them to exist meaningfully in the established universe. Meanwhile, older characters, originating from the original Shadow Gate, hold unique benefits and permissions that newer players can only dream of.

Despite these issues, Sundering Shadow still holds appeal for those seeking occasional engagement within the framework of Pathfinder 1st Edition and DnD 3.5 rules. Exploring quests, secrets, and interacting with a generally considerate community can provide enjoyable moments. However, the lack of staff support, unbalanced rewards, and potential invalidation of dedicated role-playing efforts may pose challenges for players seeking a more immersive and equitable experience.

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