Reviewed By: Noth
Reviewed Date: 12/23/23
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/01/70
I think this game is: 5 / 5

Post-Apocalyptic Addict

NukeFire is based on a mud that's been going since the early 90's, Tdome or Thunderdome. It's a mix of post-apocalypse, cosmic horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and humour. You'll recognize pop culture references (if you're old enough!) as well as some very cool original zones, monsters, items, and themes. You have to experience that to truly understand it.

The game lets you level to 50 and the remort, or prestige as some people know it as. When you remort you'll possibly unlock new abilities, and you can also choose to change your class at that point. It's not multi-classing, but it lets you build up your character and not have to start a new one to try out a different class. This is a big draw for me, as I like grinding experience, finding the best places to level, and keep improving my character, and not just through equipment.

There are also implants and tattoos, and lots of equip locations you might not have seen before. It gives you lots of opportunities to find new gear and chase that loot dragon ;)

I'd strongly recommend giving the MUD a try. I played the old Tdome, which was a great MUD, but I'm really into NukeFire. It's a more forgiving MUD where you don't have to make money to afford rent (you can just quit) and penalties for dying are very soft, which encourages you to go out and explore and try new things. It's great for someone my age (mid-40's) who needs to be able to just take a break from the game and not worry that my character will be gone.

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