Reviewed By: Larz
Reviewed Date: 05/13/24
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/01/70
I think this game is: 5 / 5

Looking for a good time?

Nothing but good things to say about NukeFire - a mud derived from TDome (a mud from the 90s) with tons of quality-of-life improvements and new features/development, it's a must try! I've had to trim this review down because of the character limit, so I'll jump to the conclusion first - this game is awesome, come check it out!

Besides the normal hack & slash adventuring, NukeFire has some other features that are worth highlighting:

Prestige Classes - these are advanced character classes you can "longwalk" into after achieving a certain amount of experience in other classes - for example, I played an assassin, then changed into a samurai, and now I'm playing a ninja. The other prestige classes that currently exist include a barbarian/cyborg combo called Headhunter, a mutant prestige class called Kaiju, and a ranger/mutant prestige class called Wolfman. These classes come with new skills/power to help explore your world!

Crafting/upgrading - the old method of finding advanced equipment on big mobs still exists, but there's also some new options to collect materials and craft them into powerful items. Additionaly, there was a recent introduction of upgrading, where some equipment is upgradable by collecting certain materials and bringing them to a Forgemaster, who will combine the materials and upgrade your item stats. This is a new feature, and as of yet, we are unsure how far the upgrades can go, seemingly infinite, but time will tell!

Community - the player-base is very active, spanning timezones/countries/nightshifts/etc. - there seems to always be someone on. Also, the community is very newbie-friendly, so when you come check it out, don't be shy to gossip any questions you might have!

Active Development - the builders/imms are unbelievably dedicated. Whether they are working on new characters classes to play, new zones to explore, new mobs to die to, new equipment to try and find/make/use, new skills to use, new quests to compete in, there's always something in the works.

Come check us out and see for yourself!

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