Reviewed By: Elektra
Reviewed Date: 11/13/12
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 07/01/01
I think this game is: 5 / 5


What can I say about Emperia. In this age where mudding is almost a symbol of absolute geekdom and picture games have led to gamers who seek big thrills with visual gratification and sparkly vampires abound its hard to convey the love for this simple text based game that i have come to call home. Emperia has been my place for community, consolation, uplifting friendship and a cure for boredom for a lot of years now. Emperias ability to bring out the most creative side of me is its true treasure. The player base is a wonderful group of people from across the globe that have come together to create this unique wonderland of both fantasy .. scifi.. and silly areas that will amaze you with the dedication that has gone into creating scenes that no picture game could ever bring to imagination. I strongly encourage you to log in be you coming from a closed server or discovering the undergorund world of text based awesomeness. I love you Emperians it is because of you my life is more complete ;) = Elektra

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