Reviewed By: Zio
Reviewed Date: 11/28/14
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/14/14
I think this game is: 5 / 5

The Legend Lives

I have played Avalon for Several months, now, and still find myself coming back as frequently as my busy schedule allows. This is not a testament in itself. I couldn't stress it any more how phenomenal it is.

The realm of Avalon is ever dynamic, expansive, and imaginative. If I feel like crafting using commodities or materials I found, I may do so. If I wish to march legions of men to batter on an enemy cities gates, I am able.

The vast amount of possibilities I gain from putting forth my own effort is the best part. Gods and mortals alike have an impact on the land. We shape it as we desire.

A small background to the Realm:

There are 3 major cities, with dozens of outlying thrall towns which are in a constant power struggle.

Thakria, the Evil City of Miracles, has predominantly been a fightworthy behemoth among the major cities. Thakria is guided by Cornelius, God of Magic.

Parrius, Jewel of the East, and City of Pirates. Brigands of the land, air, and sea. Producing some of the greatest fighters to ever reach the Pantheon. Parrius has no divine Patron. Do Pirates even need a Captain?

Mercinae, the City of Light. A trading capital in the land. Prosperous and full of hope, the City of Light is unified under the banners of the creation, and extinction of the forces of destruction. It rests under the hand of Proteus, God of the Sea.

Avalon boasts 25 guilds, under 9 different professions. Each city has a chapter of a profession, of sorts.

Loremasters, Bards, Knights, Seers, Assassins and Thieves. A small taste of the guilds in the land.

Avalon is recently free to play. It is a meritocracy; we rule the land, and shape it to our whims.

Come join us! March a legion against an enemy! Sing a deadly song that only you weave!



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