Reviewed By: Duncan
Reviewed Date: 06/03/15
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 06/03/98
I think this game is: 5 / 5

Avalon text based game

There's plenty of MUDs where you can fight monsters or do quests or make clans or guilds or work for your city or earn gold and buy stuff, etc etc. Two things make AVALON different to the others imho. First because you can do all these things in Avalon because in most cases this is the game that actually invented them. Sms the quality of the writing is up there with best fantasy books. I mean I'm an old player but Avalon had been going ten years before I joined back in 1998!! Secondly and this is the big one, Avalon has a real history. I don't mean something the admins invented, I mean a REAL history and one that's made by the things us players do. No game I've played comes close to this. Five years ago there was a world war and the evil city Thakria actually smashed its way into Springdale. Normally if there's a conquest, the losing city begs a peace treat and the Gods help negotiate. This time Thakria players had only one goal--to f destroy this city forever. The razing and plundering went on for two months. Hundreds of people were made exiles. The whole world map was changed. The Prince of Thakria had a statue set up in what used to be the busy main square of Springdale, a memorial of the destruction. And there was nothing left. No more Springdale, no more city of dreams. Real tears were spilled, real sins of glory sung by the Thakrians. It was a horrifying time as I'm not from Thakria and hate them. But this was epic gaming like nothing else. I'm from Mercinae, city of light and justice. The day we stood up to Thakria in battle and stopped the advance of their legions then won a glorious battle with stakes so high I don't even wanna think about it... I can't describe how good that was. Epic, that's the only word. Avalon is epic and the players make it all happen. There's plenty of knock offs of Avalon but they're pay to win or full of rules and interfering admins. Avalon is free. In every way. Oh and with 4000 abilities, dozens of guilds, regular events, elections, merchant millionaires, list goes on. It also had the most challenging difficult quest of any game - the Ordination - to become a GOD. The people who won these, well, they'd stomp any gamers I think, for skill and relentless brilliance. This is just an amazing game. Big do it takes a few months to get good... But its cool that the first PvP game where you could own equipment or learn skills or make money, is still the best thing out there.

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