Reviewed By: Fayrian/Emma
Reviewed Date: 07/04/15
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 09/20/14
I think this game is: 5 / 5

Powerfully Addictive

I wrote a very long review for TI when I first started playing and always meant to come back and write a follow-up once the "new" had worn off. Thus... a follow-up.

After several months (it'll be a year in September), I like to think my view on TI is more rounded. I have played as a guildleader for an extended period, been a member of all but one organizations in the game, and participated in a great many plots. I still have very, very few complaints.

The theme (especially history) is fascinating. There are so many layers that after all this time I still find something new whenever I'm determined to do a little poking around. Sometimes I don't even have to. Things just fall into your lap as you get to know people and become part of their IC lives. As of this moment, after months upon months of playing TI, I am embroiled in the most intriguing plotline I've ever encountered, solely for having fallen into a friendship with an unlikely individual. I can't overstate the impossibly complex layers of history and plot you can delve into.

My biggest complaints the last time I reviewed TI were the movement system and the frequent crashes. I wouldn't have believed it at the time, but you do become accustomed to the movement system. I now cringe upon moving instantly from one room to another on other games because it feels less realistic. The crashes are nowhere near as common, and I have noticed on a couple occasions the coder inquiring to make sure nobody lost anything. Solves that complaint straight away.

Many months in, still amazed by the player base and a fan of the Staff. TI maintains a friendly, healthy atmosphere. Anyone familiar with MUD cultures probably knows that neither is a small feat.

TI comes highly recommended by anybody looking for an engaging, wonderful place to fall into an IC universe.

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