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Wilde Adventures MUX: A Gay/BL Storytelling Game

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A mysterious vampire gazes at you over the rim of his glass of red wine, across a crowded club.

A wolf pack gathers to howl at the waxing moon, high above.

A paladin in gleaming armor raises his blazing sword against the dark, hulking shape of a monstrous foe.

Tomes of forbidden knowledge lead to hidden cities.

A brightly costumed hero blasts across the sky, cape whipping in the wind,

while a grimly garbed vigilante leaps and darts between rooftop shadows.

An intrepid starship warps into an unexplored star system,

its bold crew prepared to face any dangers as they venture forth, seeking unknown frontiers.

Wilde Adventures MUX: A Gay/BL Storytelling Game

One of the best things about fantasy is that everyone has the power to make it their own. One group that's had few dedicated spaces to go to over the years has been anyone interested in male/male love and relationships, but Wilde Adventures MUX is a game where gay male characters are welcomed. We're also a game about high adventure and epic storytelling.

Our grid features four exciting worlds, including high fantasy, urban fantasy, sci-fi space opera, and superheroes. There are endless stories to be told, and we're always looking to add more possibilities to our game worlds. You're invited to see what we've done so far, as well as make your own mark. The sky is no limit at all!

Players of any gender are welcome, of course! If this kind of storytelling appeals to you, then we welcome you to come and check us out. Use your telnet client of choice to connect to our game at wildeadventures.net port 1221.

What's your fantasy adventure? At Wilde Adventures, you have the power to bring it to life. Come and join us--all the worlds await!

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