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Anthropomorphic Pokemon in a freeform-RP AU setting heavily inspired by the base games.

Since late 2020, Pokemorph MUSH (PMM) has presented an opportunity to role-play in the Pokémon setting, with a distinct anthropomorphic twist. Set on Prism Island (aka "Pokemorph Island"), a unique-to-the-MUSH subtropical island south of the Sevii Islands in Kanto, set 28 years in the future from real time. The dominant characters of PMM are Pokemorphs: anthropomorphic Pokémon created via Team Rocket experimentation, merging human DNA into Pokémon (although human and Pokémon player characters are also allowed).

Cultures have merged on Prism Island, with heavy Unovan (and european, via Kalos & Galar) influence on top of classic japanese-esque culture of Kanto & beyond. Relegated four decades ago to living only on a single island, Pokemorphs have established their own society and civilization within the existing city, in spite of a greater world that is only now reluctantly beginning to accept them. Team Rocket has faded into obscurity worldwide, and the economy of Prism Island is thriving and tourism is rife for humans from off-island who wish to see the spectacle of "the Pokemorph island" for themselves (which is met with a wide spectrum of acceptance or chagrin from the Pokemorph residents). Everything is idyllic and peaceful on the surface, but things rumble underneath despite recent years of quiet...


Characters are approved via an application process, and browsing the PMM wiki is recommended for new players to get a taste of the setting, world & lore. Nearly every non-Legendary/Mythical/Ultra Beast Pokémon species is available to player characters, either as a 'Morph or a regular Pokémon; as well as human characters!

Roleplay on PMM is generally freeform; there are no stats or levels. While the MUSH is open to anyone 13 or older, the rating is considered ESRB Teen and the setting contains themes of violence, simulated gambling and/or strong language.

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