Elysium RPG

Reviewed By: renius
Reviewed Date: 04/07/23
My status in this game is: Player
I have been a member of this game since: 01/01/70
I think this game is: 4 / 5

social roleplaying

I have been playing on and off on Elyisum for almost 13 years now. The game is very deep with a huge amount of skills to learn and powers to gain. I have ran three cities, lead an order, become guildmaster of at lest three guilds and I am always finding new stuff to do.

The game is a real labour of love for Gralnak the main coder, he is updating the game and adding new things at lest weekly. The classess system seems you can drop and relearn diffrent skills to roleplay what you like

There is a code group at this time (2022) of around 10 people that log on every day, and we have a number of new people logging on each day to try the game out

The one bad thing about Eylisum is that it is a HUGE game built for at lest 30+ players when you only have 10+ people playing alot of cities seem to be emply and dead.

For anyone wanting to give a social roleplaying game a go I would give the a very close 4/5

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