Reviewed By: Sasuke
Reviewed Date: 11/07/12
My status in this game is: Admin
I have been a member of this game since: 11/08/12
I think this game is: 5 / 5

My time on Emperia

I\'ve been on Emperia for a few years now and have been enjoying it since the first day I started playing. Tons of quests and games to play. 4 groups of races and classes to choose from after including remorting. Tons of items that you can go after in the game and storing it all in your locker is a breeze, whoen you get enough points to buy one that is. We have tribes as well, whicch all are great, and each have their own group of skilled players who will help you out to further your experience on Emperia.

But more importatnly I love playing Emperia because of the comunity. We\'re like family joking about everything. Kinda like a chatroom but with an amazing game added in at the same time. We have our bickering from time to time but we all get along great.

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