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Aragond: The Chronicles  Added:  (11/28/22)
Highly immersive, original world with creative, complex code base built over years and a single vision.
The World of Pain  Added:  (11/25/22)
Enter your addiction, enter the World of Pain!
Procedural Realms  Added:  (11/20/22)
Casual hack and slash, looting, crafting, and turn-based combat
Miriani  Added:  (11/20/22)
Experience the adventurous and/or humdrum life of a starship pilot!
DeBoMUD  Added:  (11/17/22)
The best and most active brazilian MUD, online since 2005.
Parlor City MUSH  Added:  (11/17/22)
Parlor City MUSH
Multiverse: Relevations (MultiRev)  Added:  (11/16/22)
Multiverse: Revelations (MultiRev) is an immersive Fantasy SciFi RPG MUSH/MUD set in a rich environment.
Torchship  Added:  (11/15/22)
A roleplay-intensive MOO set in orbit around the dying remnants of Earth.
Harshlands  Added:  (11/13/22)
Harshlands is a free, low fantasy, high magic medieval skill-based MUD set on the secluded Hârn Isle
The Unofficial Squaresoft MUD  Added:  (11/11/22)
The worlds of Squaresoft come together in a Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Secret of Mana crossover.
Textopia  Added:  (10/11/22)
Welcome to Textopia
Insomniacs Hideout  Added:  (09/30/22)
A chill spot for anyone who wants.
Hellmoo  Added:  (09/14/22)
ThresholdRPG  Added:  (06/18/22)
Fantasy roleplaying game with required roleplay and limited PK.
Almaren  Added:  (06/03/22)
Welcome to Almaren. You will find this mud very addictive and enjoyable.
AwakeMUD CE  Added:  (06/02/22)
Strive for power in the concrete jungle.
MicroMARE  Added:  (05/16/22)
The Database of MicroMUSE on upgraded codebase.
6Dragons Reborn  Added:  (03/28/22)
The game 6Dragons comes back! With new races and an expanding story!
Legends of the Jedi  Added:  (01/21/22)
Legends of the Jedi is a Roleplay-Enforced, PVP, open-world storytelling game set in the Star Wars Universe.
City of Ages  Added:  (12/07/21)
One Man's Magic is Another Man's Technology
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