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The 7th Plane  Added:  (06/17/15)
The 7th Plane is a highly customized MUD, with in-depth crafting options, and HUGE adventurous areas!
Irdryd  Added:  (06/29/15)
A fantasy adventure based on the Dragaera novels by Stephen Brust.
Dominia MUD  Added:  (07/25/15)
The original Magic the Gathering MUD, enter a world populated by creatures and players from the world of MTG
Realm of Utopian Dreams  Added:  (09/23/15)
Medieval fantasy, gods, magic, religious wars. Deep exploration, varied role-play, tons of fun!
Dark Risings MUD  Added:  (11/03/15)
Website: Twitter: @Darkrisings1313 Facebook:
SlothMud  Added:  (05/07/16)
SlothMUD… the ultimate in DIKUMUD! The most active, intricate, exciting FREE MUD of its kind. This is a text
Revenge of the Jedi  Added:  (05/19/16)
The Episode that Never Was
You command a starship. Your goal is to collect gold by destroying other players' ships.
Geas  Added:  (08/16/16)
A unique RPI MUD with a rich world and an unmatched combat system. Class-less, level-less and sophisticated.
Lament: the Age of Wind and Wolves  Added:  (09/23/16)
Lament is an original dark fantasy setting with light post-apocalyptic themes.