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Dark Wizardry  Added:  (06/15/24)
An awesome medieval style MUD, with multi classing, optional pk, clans, remorting, and tons of awesome stuff.
The Inquisition: Legacy  Added:  (06/03/24)
The Inquisition: Legacy is an RP Focused game started in 1999 with an original, dark fantasy theme.
Galaxia  Added:  (05/23/24)
Explore the Galaxy as a starship captain. Trade, mine, fight, and embark on epic missions!
Tides of Darkness  Added:  (05/05/24)
Fantasy role playing MUD.
Star Wars: Dark Forces RPG  Added:  (04/30/24)
Dark Forces is based on classic Star Wars Legends content.
Land of the Forgotten  Added:  (04/07/24)
This is an old 1990's BBS ported MUD. Great for those just getting into the MUD scene.
Pax Republica: A Star Wars MUSH  Added:  (03/26/24)
PAX REPUBLICA is set in the High Republic era, a prosperous time for both the Jedi and the Galactic Republic.
Pax Republica: A Star Wars MUSH  Added:  (03/26/24)
PAX REPUBLICA is set in the High Republic era of Star Wars, roughly 300 years before the events of Episode IV.
Midnight Sun  Added:  (03/12/24)
Midnight Sun is a medieval fantasy LPmud that has been around since 1991. We are a non-PK, hack-and-slash game
Midnight, Equestria  Added:  (02/21/24)
A co-operative, slice-of-life, dungeon-crawling MUD set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
Haelrahv  Added:  (01/24/24)
Haelrahv is a hybrid of science fiction and fantasy genres, combining technology with magic.
Mirkwood  Added:  (01/10/24)
Classic ROM gameplay combining Lord of the Rings and wackiness.
Allegory of Empires  Added:  (12/30/23)
In a Renaissance-era fictional city, create a character to navigate intrigue, danger, and thrills!
Haven of the Embraced  Added:  (12/28/23)
World of Darkness themed MUD
Doom  Added:  (12/23/23)
Are you ready for a punishing journey through a post apocalyptic wasteland?
Azereth  Added:  (12/18/23)
Enertopia Mud  Added:  (12/16/23)
Circle 3.0 base code heavily modified with 30 custom zones, online since 1996.
Elite Legends  Added:  (12/09/23)
Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master - RPG in a High Fantasy Setting. Multiclass, Remort, and More!
GemStone IV  Added:  (10/03/23)
Join thousands in the rich world of GemStone IV, the oldest and largest persistent massively multiplayer MUD!
DragonRealms  Added:  (10/03/23)
Hundreds of daily players! Thousands of rooms across continents. A persistent world with 20 years development!
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