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Midnight, Equestria  Added:  (02/21/24)
A co-operative, slice-of-life, dungeon-crawling MUD set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!
Haelrahv  Added:  (01/24/24)
Haelrahv is a hybrid of science fiction and fantasy genres, combining technology with magic.
Mirkwood  Added:  (01/10/24)
Classic ROM gameplay combining Lord of the Rings and wackiness.
Allegory of Empires  Added:  (12/30/23)
In a Renaissance-era fictional city, create a character to navigate intrigue, danger, and thrills!
Haven of the Embraced  Added:  (12/28/23)
World of Darkness themed MUD
Doom  Added:  (12/23/23)
Are you ready for a punishing journey through a post apocalyptic wasteland?
Azereth  Added:  (12/18/23)
Enertopia Mud  Added:  (12/16/23)
Circle 3.0 base code heavily modified with 30 custom zones, online since 1996.
Elite USA  Added:  (12/09/23)
Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master - Elite USA New Caters to New Mudders in a Fantasy Setting. Help us Grow!
GemStone IV  Added:  (10/03/23)
Join thousands in the rich world of GemStone IV, the oldest and largest persistent massively multiplayer MUD!
DragonRealms  Added:  (10/03/23)
Hundreds of daily players! Thousands of rooms across continents. A persistent world with 20 years development!
The Beckoning  Added:  (10/01/23)
The Beckoning: Prague By Night (based on Vampire the Masquerade - 5th Edition)
Crusify: The Chosen  Added:  (09/12/23)
Reincarnation of one of the best worlds that has passed a long way of evolution.
Aurora  Added:  (09/07/23)
playstyle. With countless customization options, your hero's journey is truly your own. Join Aurora MUD today
Radiant Heart MUSH  Added:  (09/01/23)
Radiant Heart MUSH - A Magical Girl/Mahou Shoujo Themed MUSH
Ascension Sojourns  Added:  (08/11/23)
Mage 20th Anniversary, tradition Mages, mortals, sorcerer, psychics and bygones.
Arkadia  Added:  (08/08/23)
Arkadia is bigest and oldest polish language MUD.
Ancient Empires  Added:  (08/01/23)
Fantasy Adventure based on Earth: an immersive blend of history, myth and legend. Adventure awaits!
NukeFire  Added:  (07/18/23)
Post apocalyptic, some Lovecraft, some pop culture, permanent tattoos and implants, huge world. Great people!
Federation 2 Community Edition  Added:  (07/16/23)
Come explore, trade and build your own planet!
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