Top Games for April 2024

Votes tallied hourly. Votes last reset: 04/01/24 @ 12:00am.

Rank Name Votes
1 The Gathering...

The realm of Tirradyn has been an active and role-play intensive wonder of words.

2 GemStone IV

Join thousands in the rich world of GemStone IV, the oldest and largest persistent massively multiplayer MUD!

3 Fighter Adventure

4 Purple Town

Start your career in the most addictive MMO adult game!

5 MUME — Multi-Users in Middle-earth

A free PvP MUD based upon The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Join the epic war between Sauron and the West.

6 Procedural Realms

Casual hack and slash, looting, crafting, and turn-based combat

7 DragonBall: Infinity

DragonBall: Infinity is the longest run DBS based and one of the longest running DB themed MUDs.

8 Midnight, Equestria

A co-operative, slice-of-life, dungeon-crawling MUD set in the world of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!

9 Abandoned Realms

Fantasy setting, RP enforced, PK encouraged, completely FREE, constantly updated, inclusive community!

10 Darker Realms

Darker Realms is a huge MUD, the oldest continually running LPMud in the US.


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Update for 11/14/23

I've given up on trying to make the MSSP data on the game listing page responsive with CSS alone, as it looked good for some games and bad for others based on how many MSSP variables are provided. I've switched to a table, which makes the list longer, but no more formatting issues.

Update for 08/01/23

Manually cleared the votes from some games that didn't have their votes cleared.

More importantly, added an index on a field in the DB that was causing SQL slowness, so the site loads much faster now as you may have noticed.

Update for 02/21/23

I've updated the add/edit listing page to add a new field for 'MSSP Port' which can be used by games that want the MSSP crawler we run to connect on a different port so as to not muddy up their primary connection port monitoring.

While on the add/edit listing page I also cleaned up some of the text.

Update for 01/27/23

Updated the MSSP page with a big more info on the plaintext MSSP response.

Update for 01/04/23

Voting: There is a bug in the vote code I'm tracking down that is counting votes multiple times. The good news is it happening to everyone so the order of votes are accurate, though the actual counts are skewing high. There is also an issue with the vote reset at the top of the month. I'm going to be working on that too, for now I just manually reset it. Apologies for the issues. Been busy with holidays and such.

Listings: removed HellMOO since they shutdown.

Update for 11/28/22

Voting: Fixed a bug where votes were not being tallied. I've run the tally in lookback mode to capture votes from the last ~week in the tally, so none were actually lost.

Listing Page: Fixed a bug where webclient URL was not being generated with the proper port

Update for 11/21/22

Voting: I made some further improvements and bug fixes to the code that handles voting and tabulationg votes.

Password Reset: We finally got approved for Amazon SES production (24 hour SLA be damned apparently) and password reset emails will now work again and ACTUALLY be delivered.

Update for 11/20/22

Menu Updates

  • Moved the menu to a link based foundation powered menu
  • Moved MudVerse logo into menu, made much smaller
  • Moved menu to top of site

I hadn't looked at the voting code in a while and I noticed a few bugs. My original intention was to make it so you could only vote once per day, but the way I was tabulating votes actually made it so you could vote once per hour (I was clearing out votes while tabulating, which meant I lost who had voted already).

I've done a few things to update the way it works:

  • No longer clearing out tabulated votes, instead scope the vote tabulation query to the previous hour.
  • Updated the vote page to state you can vote only once per 24 hour period.
  • If you try to vote when you are on cooldown it will tell you your vote isn't logged
  • When your vote is successful it will let you know.

Keeping the log of the previous votes instead of tabulating and emptying the table makes sense-- I think in 2007 I was more worried about that table trending toward infinity, but it's really not an issue. Having the audit log of votes will also let me more easily investigate if someone is botting.

Edit / View Listing Page:

  • Added a 'webclient url' field in the connection info of the add/edit listing that will overwrite the default Sindome Public Webclient used to connect to games using 'Play Now' on the game details page.
  • For games that provide a custom webclient URL, the play now button will now use that URL
  • Test Connection on edit game details will use the custom webclient URL for testing connections
  • Game banners are back on the page, and positioned better. Try to upload a banner and not a weird sized image :)
  • Got rid of ugly green coloring and changed to more greyscale for various game info elements on page
  • Fixed broken banner image links for sponsored games
  • Streamlined the page a bunch to make it easier to edit / add & cleaned up styling

Update for 11/18/22

  • Further design updates to the way links are presented
  • Changed placeholder text for search to 'search games'
  • Updated email address on advertise page
  • Changed Submit a new review to Submit Review on game detail page

Update for 11/17/22

  • MSSP crawler is now scheduled to auto-run every hour and collect data on games
  • I've started the color overhaul to make the site easier to read. Getting rid of a lot of the green.
  • Overhauled the presentation of the top games, recent games, & recent reviews sections
  • Got an elastic IP and setup reverse DNS so the MSSP crawler will show up as coming from
  • Fixed a bug with MSSP display where it would show 'PLAYERS NO' if players online was 0 (same with 1 showing as yes)
  • Reset Password emails will now be sent via Amazon SES, increasing deliverability (this will take effect 11/18)
  • If you had trouble resetting your password previously, where it went through but you couldn't log in, this should be fixed
  • Fixed some PHP errors that were showing up in the log
  • Further development of the MSSP Crawler. Big thanks to Last Outpost and their developer for helping me debug issues with it and giving me feedback on how to use telnet commands properly.
  • Added info on when votes are tallied to top games home section

Update for 11/15/22

  • Game Page: moved game name above game banner
  • Game Page: Started moving pieces around to present data better
  • Game Page: Added crawl stats
  • Game Page: Added MSSP section
  • Game Page: Updated Reviews section to only show when there are reviews
  • Game Page: Updated coloring
  • Game Page: Updated how newlines are transformed into paragraphs for game description
  • Added MSSP page with information on what it is and how to use it

Update for 11/14/22

Add/Edit Game Page

  • got rid of the stupid tabs and present everything all at once
  • fixed help icons
  • moved the help icons next to the fields insted of below them
  • removed the useless 'characters left' text box and simply added max characters to the label for applicable items on add/edit list page

View Game Page

  • added connectivity section under Connection Info
  • added connection tested w/ date
  • added last successful connection date

Update for 11/12/22

Game Listings Pruned

We have gone through all games in our database and removed the dead games. This amounted to 62 games that were no longer connectable, and who also didn't have a valid website where we could try to get updated connection information. If your game was removed but was still online, feel free to create a new listing with updated connection and website information. We also pruned some spam listings.


  • Advent of Mists and HellMOO did not have correct connection information and have been updated.
  • Host IP no longer present on add/edit game listing (you can enter a hostname or IP in a single field) when adding a new game or updating a game listing.
  • Host IP no longer shown on view listing page
  • SSL cert renewed
  • non-www traffic redirected to www
  • updated meta keywords, description, title, removing all references to tick based games in the process.
  • Pruned some duplicate reviews / reviews that were spam
  • Updated contact page, privacy policy page
  • Added a Test Connection button to add/edit game listing page
  • Updated Top Game List coloring on homepage
  • Added game intro text to top game listing, makes it a bit more like TMS
  • Changed Top Games on homepage to 10 games max, and updates text to say 'Top Games for [Month] [Year]'
  • Fixed formatting on Next/Previous buttons on add/edit listing
  • Changed Previous to Prev so it didn't wrap on add/edit listing
  • Fixed newline issue in reviews where it was putting the whole review on the same line instead of paragraphs
  • Rewrote the URLs to be more SEO/Human friendly. So instead of you having something like

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